Nite Piano School 2020-2021

Term Dates

Term 1

Monday 17th of August - Sunday 15th of November

Term 1 fees due by August 1st.

Holiday: 12th of October - 25th of October (two weeks)



per 30' lesson

Term 2

Monday 16th of November - Sunday 28th of February 2021

Term 2 fees due by November 1st.

Holiday: 21st of December - 10th of January (three weeks)

Holiday: 8th of February - 14th of February (one week)



per 30' lesson

Term 3

Monday 1st of March- Sunday 13th of June

Term 3 fees due by February 1st.

Holiday: 29th of March-18th of April (three weeks)

Holiday: 3rd of May-9th of May (one week)



per 30' lesson

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