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New Piano at Wellington Church courtesy of Roy O'Neil

A new piano has arrived at Wellington Church, courtesy of Roy O'Neil (Piano Tuner/Restorer and early keyboard specialist), through 'The Piano Project CIC'.

Roy has made this generous contribution to our school in support of our work in Glasgow and our fund raising efforts at Hospices for Hope. The piano is a 'Welmar', originally from the RCoS stock, previously owned by a young student at the Conservatoire and has had a rich and touching history. Since being donated to Glasgow Piano City (GPC) a few months ago, it has passed its musical M.O.T., being cleaned/restored by Tom Binns (GPC Project Coordinator) and tuned/regulated by Anne Burton, with Roy offering his experienced eyes and ears to the process too. We are sure you will enjoy the results of all their hard work.

If you have never heard of The Piano Project CIC before, they are a social enterprise based in Shawlands on the south side of Glasgow, aiming to reduce social isolation and increase appreciation of acoustic pianos by redistributing, recycling (and sometimes decorating) piano donations from all over Glasgow and beyond.

It is quite possible that you have played one of their decorated public pianos dotted around many of the city's public and community venues, or attended one of their 'Lids Open Day' events over the last 7 years, since they started life during Glasgow Music's 2013 Festival of the Piano and hit the ground running in 2014, with 20 decorated pianos free to play during the Commonwealth Games.


We look forward to collaborating with GPC in the future, as the world returns to being a bit more music friendly!

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