The 2021 results are here!

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Proud to present the Pianopalooza 2021 results:

Thank you to all the participants, adjudicators and parents that helped make Pianopalooza 2021 an amazing experience for all!


We are extremely proud of all the wonderful pianists that participated this year and are excited to share the adjudication results with you. 


We hope to meet each other again next year for Pianopalooza 2022.

Pianopalooza 2021 results:

Ages 7 and under:
1st Place: Amber O'Neill
2nd Place: Jessie Ke, Katy John, Chloe Turnbull, A
lexandra Juan Lopez
3rd Place: Nathaniel Taylor, Oscar Anderson Quispe

Commendations: Aaron Chen, Amaya McLean, Ishaan Kamalanathan, Alex McElroy, Quinn Paris

Ages 8-9:
1st Place: Catriona Ke, Luke Chenxi Xu
2nd Place: Xiyan Guo

3rd Place: Alan Ren, Christopher Ilias Gagnon, Zofia Anderson Quispe, Rosie McErlean

Commendations: Shreya Deshpande, Jara Fernandez-Bravo Matas

Ages 10-12 Group 1:
1st Place: Arianna Sofia Gagnon, Dana Lee
2nd Place: Matthew James Clarkson

3rd Place: Caitlin Ke

Ages 10-12 Group 2:
1st Place: Alex Ren
2nd Place: Jamie Poot

3rd Place: Laura Bobescu, Vihaan Mendiratta

Commendations: Tessa Delafield-Butt

Ages 7 and under adjudicators:
Christopher Ilias Gagnon
Zofia Anderson Quispe
Jara Fernandez-Bravo Matas
Eve Bunemann
Catriona Ke

Ages 8-9 adjudicators:
Caitlin Ke
Dana Lee
Arianna Sofia-Gagnon
Maya Williams
Anna Louise Kinnie

Ages 10-12 group 1 adjudicators:
Maya Williams
Nathan Feeney
Lucy Rowan

Ages 10-12 group 2 adjudicators:
Anna Louise Kinnie

Roxana Nite

Maya Williams

Ages 13-15:
1st Place: Maya Williams
2nd Place: Cherry Younger

3rd Place: Rena Zhang

Commendations: Chloe Lee, Zoe Katsara, Erico Reuben Bondo Vos

Ages 13-15 adjudicators:
Nathan Feeney
Lucy Rowan
Kiara Mills

Ages 16-18:
1st Place: Nathan Feeney
2nd Place: Lucy Rowan, Anna Louise Kinnie

Ages 16-18 adjudicators:
Jane Lewis

Julia Young

George Cherry

Ages 19+ performers:
Jane Lewis, Isobel MacNaughtan, Julia Young, Kiara Mills, George Cherry

Pianopalooza 2021 feedback:

"Very well organised and having present the age of the children. Very kind and making sure kids were feeling good. Thanks!!"

"I would highly recommend these competitions for all pianists. Competing is good for confidence and experience in performing and taking part in adjudication was a great lesson on what the judge is looking for."

"My daughter really enjoyed herself and it was so lovely to hear the other competitors play. I am hoping that she will take part in your next competition."

"Many thanks for organising that great event yesterday.  It was a fantastic opportunity for me personally, a delight to hear other pianists, and you created  a lovely generous, supportive tone to the whole thing."

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