March 20th and 21st

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Nite Piano School's new piano competition is here!

Pianopalooza is a fun online event that will give piano students the opportunity to perform and to adjudicate other participants. 
It allows everyone involved to have fun in a comfortable setting, while benefiting from the healthy competitiveness fostered by piano competitions. 

Join us for an event that goes beyond musicianship and promotes creativity within our community.


The learning environment created by piano competitions is truly valuable to the development of a student’s musicianship and teaches lessons that cannot be found through regular practice.

What are the benefits of piano competitions for young pianists?

The pianists who decide to be on the adjudication panel will get the opportunity to not only learn how pieces are being marked, but will also understand what it is that judges look for when a pianist plays a piece, and how to achieve a good interpretation.


This will give the pianists an insight into the marking process when they perform a piece, allowing them to apply it in an exam situation, achieving better scores.


  • The adjudication panel will grant 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Commendation certificates.

  • Certificates will be sent out through Post to all the pianists who take part in this event.

  • All participants will receive personalized feedback forms, with advice regarding how to improve their performance.

The director of Nite Piano School - Ancuta Nite-Doyle, BMus, PGDip, MMus, together with a selected jury of participant peers will adjudicate each category.


To find out more about how the piano competition will ensue and what the rules and regulations are, access this page.

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