Proud to present the New Piano Stars 2020 winners:

We firstly want to thank each and everyone of this year's participants; once again, you have amazed us with your talent and skills. Even though the circumstances of our contest were different this year, you still shared your music with us and we are very proud. 

We also want to thank our Director Ancuta Nite-Doyle, Honorary President Mary Ross and Adjudicator Gintaras Januševičius, as well as our sponsors Mr and Ms Hutchings, KAWAI UK, Mary and George Ross, Yvonne Wallace.

Please access the videos below to find out who the winners are for each class.

We hope to meet each other again next year for New Piano Stars 2021.

Class A

ages 7 and under

Class C

ages 11 - 13

Class E

Class B

ages 8 - 10

Class D

ages 14 - 15

Syrinx Award

ages 16 - 18

New Piano Stars 2020 winners list:

Class A

Commendations: Qichen (Karl) Hong and Savannah Ashton

3rd prize winners: Jessie Ke and Nojus Galinauskas

2nd prize winner: Xiyan Emily Guo

1st prize winner: Salomeja Capaite

Class B

Commendations: Wenwen Xie, Callum Burke and Caitlin Ke

Special prize by Yvonne Wallace: Alannah Ashton and Suri Tang

3rd prize winners: Reina Iguchi-Sherry and Dana Lee

2nd prize winner: Hailey Zhixi Gao

1st prize winner: Qishi (Keith) Hong

Class C

Commendations: Ariana Sofia Gagnon, Matthew James Clarkson, Martha Maffia and Gia Lee Kim

3rd prize winners: Hanna Sliwinska

2nd prize winner: Landi Weng

1st prize winner: Aphrodite Tsaklagkanou

Class D

Commendations: Cherry Younger

3rd prize winners: Anna-Louise Elizabeth Kinnie

2nd prize winner: Lėja Puišaitė

1st prize winner: Raphael Gutierrez

Class E

Commendations: Lauchlan O'Hara and Raj Bhaumik

3rd prize winners: Mairi McKeown and Elanor Leydecker

2nd prize winner: Nathan Feeney

1st prize 'Sam Hutchings Award' winner: Georgina Duncan

Syrinx Award

Winner: Hailey Zhixi Gao

We are happy to announce the online edition of the New Piano Stars 2020 competition!

For the safety of our contestants, our competition will take place entirely online and contestants are required to submit video recordings of their repertoire. The last day of registrations is the 5th of November, 2020.

The winners will be announced on on the 14th of November, 2020.

This year, our Director Ancuta Nite-Doyle will be joined by the Honorary President Mary Ross and Adjudicator Gintaras Januševičius.

Apart from our prizes, a special award will be granted to the best performer: The Syrinx Award, voted by a jury of award winning young pianists from Gintaras Januševičius class from all Europe, aged 9-15.

Please access the following link, in order to read the competition's rules and registration procedure:

New Piano Stars 2020 Rules

A special thank you to our sponsors: Mr and Ms Hutchings, KAWAI UK and Mary and George Ross.