About us

Why do we teach the piano? We believe it is more than just a music lesson but a lesson in life. Our aim is to instil a love of music in our pupils which they will carry with them and pursue throughout their life, in any way they wish. Whether they pursue a career in music, have the piano as a private passion or share their music with others we hope that it brings joy and will be integral to our students lives.
We look forward to sharing our passion for music with you and hope you and your child share our enthusiasm for our lessons!

All ages and levels welcome

Beginner - diploma

There are several benefits of playing piano that go far beyond a greater appreciation for music and the acquisition of a new skill. Most of these benefits are applicable to both adults and children – it’s never too late, nor too early, to explore your musical side! If you are still unsure about signing up for piano lessons, read on to check out some of the long-term benefits you can expect to reap. Some you may never have thought about before!

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Our Values

At the Nite Piano School we believe that an understanding of, and deep commitment to, shared values by each member of our school community is of fundamental importance in every aspect of our learning life.













Our values are recognised and followed by all members of the school community and, as a result, we are confident that our piano pupils will grow up to be, in simple terms, good people who will make a positive difference to the world in which they will live and work.